BV West Annual Arts Show

Students are busy around the clock down in the art department at BV West. As they take photos, paint or draw, they are able to express themselves and let their inner artist shine. While BV West showcases artwork year-round, there is one showcase that praises the exceptional work of a select group of students.
April 12 marks the ninth annual Westworks- an art fair that features BV West students’ artwork. The fair opens that Tuesday from 12-3 and then continues to be open until May 2.
“I love seeing all of the work together,” art department chair Debora Waldorf said. “It really looks like an accomplished body of work.”
The artwork featured is from many different subcategories of art. These categories include paintings, drawings, jewelry, mixed media, sculptures, photos, textiles, ceramics and digital photos.
“I’m most excited to see all the other artwork,” junior Katie Schaefer said.
Students are allowed to submit as many pieces as they want, however, they are not allowed to submit more than three for each subcategory of the event. From there, a judge comes in and selects the pieces that will be in the event.
Judge Jonah Criswell, assistant admissions director of the KC Art Institute, then picked the pieces that would go on to be in the fair. Out of the pieces submitted, 114 were chosen to be in the fair (15 paintings, 15 drawings, 11 jewelry pieces, 2 mixed media, 13 sculptures, 15 photos, 15 textiles, 13 ceramics and 15 digital photos).
“My least favorite part is the fact that not everyone can be chosen,” Waldorf said. “Even so, I’m proud of anyone who submits their work.”

Schaefer’s art will be featured in the textiles and painting section.

“I cried because I was so excited,” she said.
The pieces can be purchased, but the focus is not on the price. Instead, it is on letting kids at BV West experience different types of art and appreciate the work that their peers have put into making the final product.
“It’s a good opportunity for non-artists to see art,” sophomore Ashley Knight said. “It makes kids want to do art.”