The Hunger Games: Movie Review

Megan Varhola, Section Editor

Last night, I took it upon myself to go to the midnight premiere of the long anticipated Hunger Games. I had built a wonderful dream of all this movie had to offer, and sadly was disappointed.

While, the flaws I noticed would go unseen to the uninformed viewer they stuck out to me and were blinding from the integrity of the movie.

Key details from the book were lost in the rushed version of the actual games in the movie. In addition, character relationships were underdeveloped and there was one disappointment after another.

It’s difficult to tell the relationship between Katniss and her supposed male suitors. I left the theatre confused as to whether Katniss and Peeta are really in love, when it should have been obvious.

Overall, I wish the movie would have lived up to my expectations but now I will wait in less anticipation for the second one and maybe it will be more superior than the first.