Dying from anticipation


Melissa Franano, contributor

As we begin to realize October is just around the corner there is a large range of reactions. Some people wish it was still summer, some are excited for the weather, but then there are the people who have been anticipating the beloved day of the 31st. I don’t know about you but as we get older most holidays seem to get less and less exciting, but Halloween just isn’t the same. We prepare months in advance and anticipate the coming of our favorite day. As I reflect on my past Halloweens I never recall being disappointed, I mean you get to dress up as your favorite thing and demand candy from strangers and as far as I’m concerned there’s not anything bad about that.

Sometimes I question the decisions I made as a child like why I fought naps, or maybe why I ate play dough, or even rolling around in the grass and still complaining about grass cuts, but the one thing I’ve never questioned was putting on my pirate costume at least twice a week and doing everyday activities as if I didn’t look clinically insane. Then as I start to think about how weird that must’ve looked I realized that I would still do it in a heartbeat. I think that there is something in most people no matter how old or mature you will still get excited for Halloween. Some people say I get too excited or start planning too early, but honestly I don’t think there are enough days in the year to plan for this.


10 Ways to Know You’re too Excited for Halloween

  1. You’ve had your costume picked out since last November
  2. You already have your pumpkins painted/carved
  3. You’ve spent a lot of time trying to convince your friends to dress up with you
  4. You’ve told your parents that it’s not that immature
  5. You’ve had siblings make fun of you for it
  6. You’ve had plans for it since at least April
  7. You wrote a paper about Halloween
  8. You took off work on Halloween
  9. You were genuinely excited when you found out Halloween was on a Saturday
  10. You don’t care if people judge you for it because you’re just too darn happy