This is Us Review


Lanie Render, Contributor

Sept. 20, CBS aired the pilot it’s critically acclaimed series, This is Us.

Highly anticipated by many, and in my opinion, did not disappoint. I will, careful to avoid spoilers, account for what one would have missed if they neglected to watch the premier.

Prior to airing, it was known that it was based on the stories of multiple different people, with drastically different stories, yet somehow they all are interconnected. With this pre-conceived idea, throughout for the duration of the hour-long show, viewers are pondering the possible connections.

Just fifteen minutes into the show, the audience can already begin to develop an emotional connection with one or many of the characters, each of them facing their own distinct challenges.

Opening up to Kate, an overweight women struggling with her unhealthy lifestyle tries to balance her love life and the problematic life of her famous twin brother, Kevin.

Randal, on the other hand is in a search for his father, who abandoned him when he was born. And finally, Jack and Rebecca are pregnant with triplets, who are due soon and are predicted to cause a complicated birth.

After being introduced to all their challenges, viewers are still left guessing how all the characters are connected. In the last five minutes, all of the connections match and viewers are left in a haze of awe, amazed by the genius idea for this new tv show.

This is Us, taking a unique approaching in a drama series, lived up to the high hopes.  In just an hour, hooks viewers and interest them in the battles of Kate and Kevin, Jack, and Randal. I speak for the majority of people who watched the premier when I say, the next episode airing this week on Tuesday, September 27th, is highly anticipated.