Upcoming Fall Play: The Crucible

Rehearsals begin on Sept. 26


Jack Anstine, Contributor

Auditions for the fall play began on Sept. 19. After a tough round of callbacks the cast was revealed on Sept. 21. Parts were cast by English teachers, Jeff Baxter and Dr. Laura Restivo, and theater director, Laurie Vanderpol. Rehearsals start on Monday, Sept. 26

The Crucible is a dramatic take on the Salem Witch Trials. Miller captures the paranoia and panic that spread through the town of Salem at the time and uses it to make a connection to the Red Scare of communism in the 1950s. At the time that Miller released the play, many people were accused of being Communists, just as characters in the play are accused of being a witch.

The play is currently being performed on Broadway, and has been very successful. Saoirse Ronan is an actress who made her broadway debut in The Crucible. Ronan plays the part of Abigail, a major role in the play. She has received praise for her performance.

When the play is performed at BV West it is sure to attract many students due to it’s timelessness, it’s relevance to the students, and the extra credit English students are sure to receive.