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Fortnite Launches on Mobile

Jonah Park, Managing Editor

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Last week, Epic Games expanded on Fortnite’s already impressive accessibility, releasing the game on mobile platforms. According to an app store intelligence firm, the mobile version earned over $1.5 million in its first three days of launch, even though the app is free to download. In-app purchases for customized skins and weapons make up most of this figure. There are some differences between the mobile version and the console version of the game, but they are mostly the same.

The controls are much different, only because smartphones do not have gaming-specific button. It is a little difficult to coordinate swipes and taps with aiming, shooting, sprinting and equipping different weapons at first. It will probably take some practice to get used to.

The mobile game almost perfectly resembles its counterpart on other platforms. It still supports 100 players in a game, just like every other version of the game. However, having a poor cellular connection may hinder the smoothness of the game, affecting frame rate and causing players to lag.

Because Fortnite is played between real users on different devices, the mobile version will use cellular data. However, playing Fortnite uses surprisingly little data. A 10 minute game will use approximately 5 megabytes of data. Compared to most people’s multi-gigabyte data plan, this figure should not discourage players when Wifi is not available.

Despite being on a mobile device, this version of the game features many of the same gameplay as the console version does. It is even possible to play cross-platform from mobile devices. A mobile player has the option to compete against players using an XBox One, PS4 or PC. While Fortnite allows 35 different combinations of cross-play, it does not support competition between XBox One and PS4 players. Epic Games commented on this, saying they aim to allow this in the future.


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