Show of Hands

Students sell works like professional artists

Kiley Peterson

There are a ton of talented artists, although, there are very few artists who actually sell their own work. Being a young artist can be hard, but in the end, it pays off.

“Artists have almost a duty to make beautiful things that people can enjoy,” Art teacher Debra Waldorf said. “It helps us all feel better and if your work is something that pleases someone else, by all means, you should get after it.”

There are many things that play into artists selling their work, and Lily Madden would know. Madden is an artist, and senior at BV West who sells her own art.

“I started painting like a month or two ago, but I have been drawing and doing like a lot of artistic things since I was younger,” Madden said.

Madden is actively involved in BV West’s art program, and she got the inspiration to sell her work from her mom, who was a freelance artist. Madden specializes in drawing and painting faces.

“I draw faces because I think it portrays emotion really well, and it’s hard for me to get a point across when I something like a draw a field” Madden said.

 Madden understands that sometimes it can be hard to give away something you have worked very hard on, but she has a positive look on it.

“The idea of me creating something from my head and then it being in someone else’s home, I think is really cool,” Madden said.

While Madden is a great artist, she isn’t the only student who sells their art. Kate Lewis, a junior, is another talented artist who also enjoys selling her artwork.

“I actually just recently started to sell my own work,” Lewis said. “My mom encouraged me to do it this summer, because she wanted me to make like a gift for her friend, it’s kinda just kicking off now.”

Artists can sell their work for a number of reasons. Whether it’s to please someone else, or to make a profit off of it. Selling artwork is a job and takes up time, however Madden and Lewis would agree that the main focus is the way that it makes other people feel.   

“It’s really encouraging. You get to send your art away and see that other people like it as much as you do,” Lewis said.

These artists did not always know about their talent. For Lewis, it took time to find her passion. Exploring all options is key if you want to find your hidden talent.

“I started with Drawing One and I thought I would really like drawing the most throughout high school, but then I did painting over my sophomore year summer and then I really liked that more,” Lewis said.

It’s never too late to start selling artwork. According to Waldorf, It depends on when the artist feels comfortable and confident enough in themselves.

“There is no age, there is no age limit on either end.” Waldorf said.

Madden and Lewis are both pursuing their passion while making a profit off of it and are starting to get more noticed. It’s interesting to see how both artists can express who they are through their art and also create something that other people can enjoy.   

Lily Madden