Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Jaden Webster, Reporter

Tales of Vesperia has always been one of the most popular games in the Tales series, and now it is back and better than ever. The Definitive Edition was released on Jan. 11 with a surplus of new content on top of the already massive original game.

In addition to the seven characters from the original, this version has two more party members. Patty, a young, aspiring pirate, travels alongside the group in search of a treasure that may recover her memory. Flynn is also now a playable character. He joins the group every now and then to help take down foes. Yuri, Estelle, Repede, Karol, Rita, Raven, and Judith remain unchanged and will still join your party at the same time as they did in the first game.

Secret missions make a return from the original. They are a hidden, optional task to perform during each boss fight. Some may want you to use a certain attack, others may want you to attack the boss at a certain time, and there are a few that ask for a certain item. These missions add a fun, new challenge to game without forcing new players to use advanced combos or high-skill techniques.

There are also three new dungeons to be completed in the Definitive Edition. For the first, the group must traverse Dahngrest’s sewers. The main mechanic of this dungeon is your light source. It will slowly go out and you are expected to refill it at stations placed around the dungeon. It sounds simple, but the dungeon it still really dark even with a full light, and the area is designed like a labyrinth, making it very difficult to make it to the next refill station. There are no monsters wandering around in this dungeon, but if your light runs out, you will be attacked by a swarm of bats from the ceiling or fish from the water below.

The second new dungeon is called the Telescopic Graveyard. This might be the most interesting dungeon in the game. The Graveyard unlocks roughly halfway through act three by visiting Estelle’s room in Zaphias. The warp to enter the dungeon is located in the final room of Zaude. There are six zones to the dungeon, and each zone has 10 floors. Every floor is a mini-maze with a required fight in each room. The map for the floor is displayed on the ground before you enter the maze and that will be the only time you can view it. After the 10th floor in each zone, there will be a boss.

The third, and final, added dungeon is the Abysmal Hollow. Once the final dungeon appears, there will be a knight in Capua Nor who will ask Flynn to find a sword. The dungeon is split into four different paths that all converge at the final room. To get the sword for Flynn, all four paths must be completed. The mechanic of this dungeon is the crumbling ground. Each area is an entanglement of branching paths and only one will lead to the end. Some of the ground will crumble and fall into the lava below when you approach, making it difficult to plan out your route to the end. Overall, the dungeon is fairly lackluster because there are only three required fights, and the monsters that live in the Hollow are somewhat underleveled for this being an end-of-game dungeon.

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition is a fantastic game. It provides a challenge for experienced gamers while still being welcoming to newcomers. The captivating story keeps players enthralled until the end. It is definitely a must-play for any RPG fans.