The Women of Lockerbie

Kyler Murphy, Reporter

On October 4th and 5th, The Repertory Theatre is performing Women of Lockerbie. This story is about the aftermath of the plane bombing over Lockerbie. It is a touching story involving the parents of one of the victims and the women of Lockerbie.


This year they are getting it judged to go to state. That is the state thespian conference which is where theatre kids meet from all over the state and take part in workshops and see shows. Schools from all over the state get judged but only about 8 shows get to go and perform their shows.


The show is about one mom who never got the body of her son and has nowhere to store her grief. The women all want to wash the clothes of the victims that have been recovered by the United States government to study the clothes as evidence. The reason the women want to wash the clothes is so they can give them back to the families of the victims.