Band Students Cope With Mask Wearing While Playing

Both musicians, and many of their instruments, are outfitted to stop COVID-19 spread


Students playing brass instruments must wear specialized masks on their faces and the end of their instruments.

Sarah Buehler, Guest Writer

Most have gotten used to wearing masks at school, at Quik Trip or shopping. Athletes are playing and practicing in masks. What is not seen are band students attempting to play while wearing masks. Musicians wear masks while they play but flutes are lucky enough to only have to wear face shields.

Flutists are the only band students allowed to play without masks but have specialized guards on their instrument.

“I can still play really well actually, freshman Kendal Marian said. “It’s like those visor things people wear.”

However, those playing other instruments have more difficulties.

“It’s a pain to put the mouthpiece through it every time,” junior Tim Buehler said. “I would rather not have to wear it since it’s just annoying.”

Band students who play wind instruments wear specialized masks while they play.

Although her shield was not as obtrusive, Marian agreed.

“I mean, yes I would like to not wear it,” Marian said. “But it’s not a pain like the other instruments’ masks.”

The pair differed on whether or not the band sounds different or the same with masks.

“It’s really funny because we have to wait a few seconds so everyone can get their masks situated,” Marian said. “Some instruments can’t play some lower notes as well.”

Buehler expressed that the band sounded “normal.”

“It sounds the same as without masks,” Buehler said.

Both musicians noticed the benefits and disadvantages of wearing masks during band.

“That we get more time to focus on what we are about to play,” Buehler said. “I don’t like that we have to put them on every time.”

Marian found humor in using the flute shields.

“It’s so funny when we put them on because if we forget we just sit there and laugh at each other,” Marian said. “There’s nothing much that I don’t like, it’s just not really all that great.”