Art Show 12/11


Mira Beckers ceramic piece of a green metallic corset she made in her ceramics class this semester that was sewn together.
Artist Mira Beckers, a junior at Blue Valley West, portrait sketches and her self portrait painting. (Raman Rana)
A landscape piece showing a dark mountain and dark sky in the background. (Raman Rana)
Desert painting of rocks shown floating above the hills of rock. (Raman Rana)
Raman Rana
Katherine Bostons, a junior at Blue Valley West, cardboard cutout of Sarah Paulson, along with some more pieces she created influenced off of Sarah Paulson. (Raman Rana)
Artist Rylee __,a senior at Blue Valley West, art piece made of white roses in a clear frame, and the definition of her name stuck on the front. (Raman Rana)
Artist Lucky , a senior at Blue Valley West, paintings and drawings from her painting class she took this semester. (Raman Rana)
Artist, Jade Cale’s, butterfly biosphere that she made herself with some plants and a fake butterfly to make it pop! (Raman Rana)
Jade Cales presentation of her biography along with drawings and sketches from her semester in art class. (Raman Rana)
Jade Cales art presentations of crystals, bones, and a replica of a crocodiles head. (Raman Rana)