Winter Band Concert and the Rep Show Rehersal 12/11

The behind the stage view at the Bands Winter Concert. (Raman Rana)
Conductor Mr. Love, conducting the wind ensemble. (Raman Rana)
Adia Stone, playing the clarinet, in the wind ensemble. (Raman Rana)
Symphonic Bands, Judah Hansen, playing the timpanis, an instrument a part of the percussions. (Raman Rana)
Symphonic Band’s trombone player, AIden Peterson. (Raman Rana)
Symphonic band waiting for their cue to begin. (Raman Rana)
Symphonic Band’s french horn player, Sreenidhi Meyoor. (Raman Rana)
The symphonic bands conductor, Ryan Ramsey, introducing the symphonic band before they start the show. (Raman Rana)
Millie Reitz playing the tuba during the Symphonic Bands performance. (Raman Rana)
Sophia Carey, Aiden Smither, Lillie Barr,and Caleb Lightner singing together. (Raman Rana)
Addy Rosen and Lilie Barr rehearsing their lines together. (Raman Rana)
The repertory theatre practicing at their rehearsal for the Rep Show. (Raman Rana)