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Ask a Cop

 This is an anonymous forum to allow BV West students to ask our School Resource Officers questions that might feel uncomfortable asking in person. This platform will not be censored and will only be read by Officer Stark, Officer Harrison, and the web editor for Each week the officers will look at the questions posed and form a response. The questions and responses will be posted on and linked on social media. If a question goes unanswered one week, it may be chosen the next; there is no need to submit the same question multiple times.

Hey, Jags! My name is Cara Stock and I have been with the Blue Valley School District Police Department for a little over a year. I have been here at West the whole time. I started my law enforcement career at Clay County Sheriff’s Department, in the jail. I went through the police academy full time (40 hours a week) while I worked full time at the Sheriff’s Department. I left there and spent five years on patrol with the Merriam, Kansas Police Department. I really enjoyed my time on patrol but left law enforcement for a couple of years. During that time, I did armed security and was a security manager for a retirement community. I really missed law enforcement and knew I had to come back! I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and still, live there. I adopted my nephew a while back and he is now four years old. I am currently back in school myself and not just here at BVW. I decided to go back to college and pursue a business management degree. Our door to the SRO office is “always open” for anyone. We love to talk to people about law enforcement or answer any questions or concerns anyone may have.
-Officer Stark

BV West’s resource officers. Pictured to the left is Officer Cara Stark. Pictured to the right is Officer Dana Harrison.

 Hello everyone!! My name is Dana Christan Harrison and I am the new school resource officer here at Blue Valley West. I have been a police officer for 22 years. My previous stops include the University of Nebraska-Lincoln police department, Lincoln, NE police department, Clearwater, FL police department, and the FBI. I’ve been with the Overland Park Police Department for the last 16 years. In my career I’ve worked on several different assignments:
– Patrol Officer
– Undercover narcotics detective
– Crime Scene Technician
– Community Policing Officer
– School Resource Officer
– Hostage Negotiator
– CIT Officer (Crisis Intervention)
I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I am a diehard Husker fan. GO BIG RED!!!!!!! I also have two master’s degrees, one in criminal justice and the other in education. My plan is to teach when I am done being a police officer.

I grew up in Inglewood, CA where gang life was the norm. Maybe at another time, I can tell you some stories from childhood. It definitely prepared me for a career in law enforcement. I left there in 1997 when I was 21 years old. I am married with two children and currently reside in Overland Park. 
-Officer Harrison


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