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A Director’s Cut

Jacob Braun, Reporter

December 15, 2017

The lights are dimmed. The stage is set. A hush falls over the house as they prepare to experience the lives of the characters. On Dec. 1 and 2, BV West’s repertory theatre held its production of A Thousand Clowns by Herb Gardner. The show follows the lives an out-of-work comedy writer, Murray Burns, po...

Horror Movie Review

Hannah Cole and Lauren Prehn

November 27, 2017

 It We all float down here. The movie “It” is a perfect combination of terror, friendship, and surprising comedy. The movie focuses on a group of seven kids who call themselves “The Losers Club” and Pennywise, the shapeshifting monster, who terrorizes them. There are plenty of jump-scare...

Movie Review: A Bad Moms Christmas

Rachel Pickett, Editor-in-Chief

November 26, 2017

A Bad Moms Christmas, which is a sequel to the original Bad Moms movie, follows three sets of mothers dealing with the trials and tribulations of planning a perfect Christmas for their family. Their patience and sanity is put to the test when their moms come into town.  Amy, played by Mila Ku...

Reviewing Food Before It Was Cool

Bianca Garcia and Stephen Kinder

November 24, 2017

Walking around Kansas City; or any large city, one might be lured by scents of food coming from restaurants, food trucks, and urban stores. Upon walking into or near one of these places, consumers will be shocked by how rustic the interior and food themes are in comparison to the cityscape surrounding...

A Striking Movie: Thor Ragnarok

Hannah Cole, Reporter

November 16, 2017

The Marvel Cinematic Universe released yet another amazing movie, Thor: Ragnarok. The movie came out Nov. 3, making 121 million dollars in just the first week. This new addition was a hilarious, action-packed and satisfying movie to watch. In the past, the Thor movies have been very serious but...

The Legacy of ‘The King of Pop’

The Legacy of ‘The King of Pop’

Dana Nasr, Reporter

November 13, 2017

Michael Jackson was a musician who became very famous around the time where American culture was changing, making him a major influence on the world. He then reached a success like no other, becoming the King of Pop. In the time where his fame had reached its peak, he showed his selflessness and cre...

Strangers Thing 2 Review

Strangers Thing 2 Review

Rae Zimmerli, Reporter

November 9, 2017

On Friday, Oct. 27, Netflix released all nine episodes of Stranger Things 2. This new season was everything fans hoped for and more. Episode one starts off just before Halloween of 1984 as Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will are trying to go on with their lives after the events of last season. Mike desperatel...

The Shining Review

Bianca Garcia, Reporter

November 3, 2017

"Here's Johnny!" "The Shining" was based off of Stephen King's 1977 novel. The chilling movie takes place in 1980 when Jack Torrence, a writer, gets the opportunity to stay in a hotel with his wife and five year old son, Danny. However, this is no normal hotel. An incident occurred in 1970 when a father...

Awesome Burgers and Fries at The Burger Stand

Shelby Hoelting, Reporter

November 1, 2017

This weekend I tried out a new restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas, called The Burger Stand. Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted with a really fun atmosphere. One of the first things I noticed was that there was a different way of ordering than I had seen in a while. After walking into the restaurant,...

Chaos Walking:The Knife of Never Letting Go Review

Chaos Walking:The Knife of Never Letting Go Review

Hannah Cole, Reporter

October 29, 2017

The Knife of Never Letting Go is a thrilling first book to the wonderful series Chaos Walking. The book centers around an almost thirteen-year-old boy named Todd Hewitt. Todd lives in a community called Prentisstown, where personal thoughts can be heard in the minds of all men. They call these thoughts...

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