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Dia De la Comida Internacional

John A. Byrket, Reporter

March 11, 2015

  Once a year, every spring, foreign languages take a break from learning languages and embrace the other cultures by eating food from other foreign language classes. This event is a really fun day for the teachers and all of the students that participate in it.  This is not just a day to eat foo...

Grades: Are They Important?

Grades: Are They Important?

Hannah Engelken, Reporter

March 11, 2015

Staying up till 3 a.m. and waking up at 6 a.m. is not healthy. Kids have to stay up late almost every night to keep up with school, sports, clubs, jobs, social life, and family. How are kids supposed to be active in school if they are living on of 3-5 hours of sleep? 59% of teenagers report that managing...

Late Arrival- Everyday?

Annika Jensen, Reporter

February 25, 2015

  When you are at school you often see kids arriving late and rushing to class, with almost no time to spare. Most students would also agree that school starts to early. A majority of adults say that teens need eight to ten hours of sleep a night, however school administrators start school...

Parking Lot Grievances

Lauren Lenson, Reporter

February 9, 2015

  School ends at 2:50 pm, but most students who attend Blue Valley West agree that they don’t end up getting home until around 3:20. Often times, these students live five minutes away from the school.  “Our parking lot here at West is somewhat equivalent to a zoo,” says freshman Hannah Engelken....

We’re Not Learning Much

February 6, 2015

I wish that school was about learning skills that we can use in our future, rather than memorizing useless facts and regurgitating them back onto a scantron. Ask any adult if they have used what the knowledge they learned from standardized testing, and I guarantee that the answer will be no. Let’s...

Study Tips

Libby Frazier, Section Editor

December 16, 2014

As we all know, finals are coming up next week. All the coffee in the world could never amount to the stress of studying for these nightmare-like exams. That, my dear peers, is why I am here. Like real estate, location is very important. Trying to study in a place that is loud and busy will get you...

Underage Drinking

Adrieanna Norse, Reporter

November 20, 2014

UNDERAGE DRINKING   In today's society teenaged alcoholism is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed more in schools and in homes. Alcohol is a serious drug that can cause serious damage. Some tragic effects of teenage alcoholism are diseases and disorders, family problems and it also...

Minimum Wage

Piyom Aramoon

November 20, 2014

The minimum wage affects many people across the country. The minimum wage, being at $7.25, would barely put a full time worker above the poverty level $15,510 a year. The problem is, most jobs do not allow for full time positions often. The minimum wage should not be increased because it would affect...

Is the New Driving Age Pointless?

Emma Nelson

November 20, 2014

“I don’t like that they changed the driving age because it makes everything more difficult,” Sophomore Hannah Smith said. “Teens have places to go and their parents cant always drive them.” In 2009 the unrestricted driving age in Kansas changed from 16 to 17 years old. This upset many people,...

Equality For Everyone

Alexis Ralston

November 20, 2014

Equality for Everyone   “Years ago we said it was wrong to have interracial marriage, look at us now. So how are we going to feel about our opinions on gay marriage down the road?” freshman Lauren Strohs said. The world is evolving more and more every day; what used to be a country of ra...

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