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Madden 13

Jacob Paschal

September 14, 2012

It’s that time of year again. The avid video gamers and die-hard sports fans have been waiting for this game to come, as another piece of the Madden franchise is being released. Madden 13 was released on August 28, 2012, and is supposedly one of the best Maddens to ever find the hands of gamers. Of...

BV West Senior Recognized as All-American Athlete

Morgan Cormack, Web Editor

April 7, 2012

This past week, The National Strength and Conditioning Association awarded BV West Senior DeSean Warren with its annual All-American Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year Award. This award recognizes student athletes dedication to strength training and conditioning. This is not his first national...

Big 12 Predictions Foiled

Harrison Whitney, Reporter

March 19, 2012

For all of you that follow the NCAA tournament: how many of you quit already?  I can tell you I have, especially after Missouri lost. Our so called “Big 12” tournament champions and one of the hottest teams going into the tournament, lose to a 15 seed. Norfolk State, who has actually even heard...

Missouri Leaves Big 12 Conference

Missouri Leaves Big 12 Conference

Harrison Whitney, Reporter

March 5, 2012

Missouri is leaving the Big 12. This could be the worst decision ever made for Missouri. In football, they will get murdered the SEC is a power house in football teams like LSU and Alabama, who won the National title game, and these teams will stomp all over Missouri. They were pretty good in the Big...

February Sports Signing

February 22, 2012

Photo Story. Thirteen BV West Seniors have been chosen to play sports at the college level this next school year.    ...

Alumni inducted into new Hall Of Fame

Emily Grantham, Section Editor

February 1, 2012

Among the trophies, ribbons, pictures and awards sitting in the trophy case in the gym, a new display resides with the names of four former BV West student athletes. A committee selected these students to be inducted in the new BV West Athletic Hall of Fame. Travis Helgeson, ‘04; Matt Besler, ’05;...

Scoring LaPointe: New Girls’ Basketball Coach

Meghan Ketcham, Section Editor

January 30, 2012

Shooting for excellence, the Lady Jags varsity basketball team is led and encouraged by Coach Frank Lapointe. Previously at Olathe East, Lapointe joins the BV West Girls’ basketball program, enthusiastic to help the team grow and to succeed this season. Lapointe started coaching basketball nearly...

Boys’ Basketball Nominated for Team of the Week

January 30, 2012

The BV West Boys's Basketball team has been nominated for Hy-Vee's High School Team of the Week! The link is posted below. You can vote more than once a day, so vote now and vote often. The voting closes on Wednesday, February 1st at 1 P.M.     &nbs...

Boys’ Baseball Takes Off

Jacob Grove, Section Editor

April 21, 2011

The boys’ baseball team head into their season with seven seniors on their roster, all hoping to end their final year with a bang and hoping to advance far into the State tournament. The team will look to finish above the .500 record that has eluded their grasp for the past few years. Two years...

Recreation Sports Excite Students

Kara David, Section Editor

March 1, 2011

Athletes at BV West dedicate hours a week to practicing and training in order to compete against other high schools in the EKL.  They have high-stress games and tournaments that require strength, agility, and competitiveness. Many students who aren’t the highest skilled in a particular sport get cut...

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