Yearbook Photogs Focus on Fortuity

Students expand learning with portrait and commercial photography


Ryan Barrett

Senior Regan Sherron poses for a photo during a fashion shoot in Lawrence, Kan. on April 20.

Yearbook Photo Staff

On Thursday, April 20 more than 40 yearbook photographers loaded into a bus and traveled to Lawrence, Kansas. The crew was headed to Fortuity, a shop on Massachusetts Street.

Fortuity is owned by the family of former yearbook editor in chief, Sophia Ruby. They specialize in trendy fashions for trendy people. 

The photographers concentrated on journalistic photography throughout the school year. This field trip allowed them to practice fashion and portrait photography. One perk of starting the trip at Fortuity meant the crew could model for each other in Fortuity fashions.

Composition rules and photo guidelines were applied to new situations. The students enjoyed the beautiful weather and a lunch away from the school cafeteria while practicing their craft.


A look inside the shops

Group 1 Models

Group 2 Models

Group 3 Models

Street Photography

Group 4 Models