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Ideas for Spirit Week Feb. 2018

The week of creative costumes and school spirit has come around again

Chelsea Park, Reporter

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Spirit week has started once again. As the weeks leading up to homecoming, sweetheart and prom come around, students walk the hallways of BV West decked out in crazy costumes dedicated towards a common theme. Spirit week is always fun to participate in, however, it is not always easy to think of ideas of costumes that fit the themes for the week.

This year’s sweetheart spirit week themes are… 

  • Monday: Ugly Sweater Day
  • Tuesday: Movie Madness
  • Wednesday: Vine and Meme Day
  • Thursday: Ecosystem Day
  • Friday: Class Colors

Although Monday’s theme is over, there are still four more days to get excited about participating in spirit week before the sweetheart dance comes around. Here are some ideas.

Tuesday is Movie Madness. As the name of this theme suggests, “madness” may occur when trying to narrow it down to just one movie to take inspiration from to put together a costume, but this large array of choices is actually beneficial. Students can dress up as any of the many specific characters from movies. However, students may also decide to wear simple costumes that could pass for numerous characters, such as wearing a tutu and a crown as a Disney princess or wearing vintage clothing as a character from an old film.

Wednesday is Vine and Meme Day. Vine has been shut down for just over one year now, however, memes are still largely popular among teenagers. Despite the loss of Vine, memes are still being created and going viral on other social media platforms. Viral memes are always being replaced by new memes, however, there are a few that are hard to forget. Some that may be easy to dress up for are “Salt Bae” (black jeans, fitted white tee, and small frame sunglasses), the “Cash Me Outside” girl (tank top, jeans, chains, and an attitude), and the dancing hotdog on Snapchat (a hotdog costume or clothes that resemble the colors of this hotdog, and green headphones). If a meme costume is too difficult to put together, students may just say phrases of memes or vines to get into the spirit although this may not count towards points.

Thursday is Ecosystem Day. Each grade level is assigned a different ecosystem to dress up as. The freshmen are in the Arctic, the sophomores are in the Jungle, the juniors are in the Mountains/Forest, the seniors are at the Beach/Ocean, and the staff is in the Desert. These ecosystem themes are not very restrictive as students may dress up as animals that live in that ecosystem or wear the appropriate apparel for the climate and geography of the ecosystem.

Friday is Class Colors Day. This is the final day of spirit week, and all students should wear their class colors to show support and spirit for the school. Even if students decide not to participate in spirit week, Friday should be the one day they make an exception. Although class colors day only requires students to wear what they would normally wear for pep assembly days, it is not uncommon to see students put in extra effort in dressing for class color. This effort includes accessories of that class color, paint, and glitter.

Spirit week has already started, but it is not too late to start participating now.

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