A Price-less Relationship

Jonah Park and Kevin Glenn

A few families celebrate when two of their children are in high school together. Most could never imagine having three children at one school at the same time. The Price family is well represented at BV West with freshman Derion, sophomore Da’jean and senior Derrick. They have a special relationship, all attending high school simultaneously. They are also involved in many extra-curricular activities. All three of them compete for the track team and participate in choir. While they compete against each other in and out of school, they still support each other in everything they do.

“We have a very caring relationship and we like to talk to each other a lot,” Da’jean said. “Whenever I see my brothers in the halls I give them a big hug.”

Their relationship as brothers helps them get through each school day. They interact as friends, checking in on each other whenever they can.

“Whenever I see my brothers in the hallway I feel happy and I go talk to them to see how they’re doing,” Derion said. “I have a loving and close relationship with my brothers. [Without them,] school would be way more boring and less bearable.”

Just like all other good brotherly bonds, the Price brothers enjoy making fun of each other too.

“We’ve got a very close relationship with us having only a few years in between us,” Derrick said. “Whenever I see them in the halls I laugh because they look funny.”

Their proximity in age has contributed to the competitive side in their relationship as well. In and out of school, they have a friendly rivalry.

“We used to go outside and see who could do the most back-flips,” Da’jean said.

While they are competitive, the Price brothers are more interested in supporting each other.

“We don’t try to be the fastest or best at anything because we already know our strengths and weaknesses,” Derion said. “We just try to support each other.”

Choir teacher Kimberly Modelski, who sees the three brothers almost every day, is familiar with their supportive personalities.

“Da’jean, Derion and Derrick all seem close and definitely appreciate and celebrate the talents of each other,” Modelski said. “I try to find as many opportunities to get them dancing and singing up front together as possible. When they are together, there is an awesome energy present that captivates other people and makes them excited.”

As brothers, they have similar personalities, but each of them is unique.

“They have a lot of similarities,” Modelski said. “All three of them have a great sense of humor and are very easy to talk to. They are really relatable to others, and have a quick wit. Out of all three, I think Da’jean is the most outspoken and playful, although all three are outgoing.  Da’jean is a great story teller and can draw attention easily.  Derrick and Derion are a little more reserved, but are very confident.  Derrick, as the oldest, seems to watch out for the others and is more of a leader.”

Modelski is more familiar with Derrick, who is in his fourth year in choir, and Da’jean, who is in his second year. Derion, who is a freshman, is in his second semester in choir.

“Derion is new to me this year, and he is such a positive kid,” Modelski said. “He is always smiling and very willing to try anything I ask.  He seems pretty adventurous as well, so I am really excited to see him grow in the department.”

Modelski has had other sets of siblings who have participated in choir simultaneously, but the Price family is even more represented than other families. Shilah Price, who graduated in 2017, was also part of the BV West choir.

“I have had siblings several times throughout the years I have been here,” Modelski said. “I currently have many sets of siblings and will get more next year. The main difference with the Price family is that I have had four of them, which is more than I’ve ever had from one family.”

The Price brothers will be able to enjoy each other’s company at school until Derrick graduates in May. Before that, though, all three of them will compete on the track team, furthering their priceless relationship.