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Rockstar Dream Becomes Reality

Sophomore Jacob Smith gives insight on what it is like to be in a band

Danielle Ferrigno, Contributer

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Guitar Hero rocked the video game world for years. Everybody wanted to be a rock star. Sophomore Jacob Smith did something about it. He is a member of a band that has become his blended family.

Smith started playing drums for fun to just “bang stuff and have fun” when he realized that this instrument was really cool and decided that he seriously wanted to learn how to play.

“In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing and my dad kept having to correct me on what I was doing,” Smith said.

His early inspiration and love for drums came from his father, Jason Smith, who also played drums in high school. His father taught him the beginnings and basic mechanics behind drumming and once Smith mastered that he went on to learning and doing more complex drumming beats.

His inspiration eventually turned to Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

“I kind of think of Travis as my own ‘drum teacher’ that I’ve never met, because before I played his music I sucked, but after I listened to his music I expanded my capabilities,” Smith said.

Barker inspires Smith because he feels that he has more of a connection on a personal level because he feels that he can “relate” to his music and drumming style, and that it is more “real” with Barker. He is who Smith aspires to be.

“I think of drumming as more than drumming, it’s therapeutic,” Smith said. “Rather than punching my pillow, I go to my drum set just to hit stuff.” 

While drumming solo is still fun, one day Smith and his brother Aidan decided to learn the same songs and try and play them together. Once they did that, and it worked, they began to put together a band to learn songs and play together with.

While Smith rocks it out on the drums, his brother Aidan and half-brother Cole both shred it out on their guitars along with being the lead vocalists. They are also joined by bassist, sophomore Jacob Taylor.

“When it’s done right, it can be a lot of fun and go smoothly but when band members don’t do their part by not practicing songs that should’ve been learned already, it can be frustrating and painful,” Smith said.

Within the short time that Smith and his band has been together, they have already had a gig at the local bar, ‘The Roxy’, and plan to become regulars at Paradise Cove in Paola, Kan. They have large plans for the future.

“I think the band has the potential to go as far as we can get it, but that all depends on the level of commitment shown throughout the band and its members,” Smith said.

The band has many supporters, and one supporter, Smith’s mother.

“I think their band is the start of something much more,” Angie Smith said. “You have to start somewhere and I think they’re on the right path, for sure. I feel this is a great opportunity for them and I support it 100%.”


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