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SAT II’s: What Are They and Are They Worth It?

Chelsea Park, Reporter

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For most high school students, taking the ACT or the SAT is a pretty common endeavor. Taking these tests are not only required to fill out most college applications, but they also play a considerable role in getting students accepted to certain colleges. However, in addition to the two established tests, students are given the option to take one or more SAT II tests. The SAT II’s are commonly referred to as the SAT subject tests as they test individual and specific topics. These subject tests allow students an opportunity to exhibit their knowledge on specific topics.

In comparison to the ACT or SAT, most students are not as familiar with the SAT II tests. Most universities do not require scores from the SAT II’s as they do with the ACT or SAT. However, impressive scores on one or more subject tests help to enhance students’s overall applications to colleges. So should students take the SAT II’s?

The decision to take a subject test, or tests, all depends on each individual student. For some, the SAT II’s are completely unnecessary. These students may choose to go to a school where taking the SAT II is not required and also an uncommon addition to their application. That being said, even if certain schools do not require these tests, adequate scores show colleges the student’s strengths and passions in their areas) of interest.

For other students, taking at least two subject tests is highly recommended for better chances of getting accepted into their dream schools. Several highly selective schools around the nation require students to showcase impressive scores in their expertise on these subject tests along with higher ACT or SAT scores. For these students, the SAT II’s can be a positive addition to their application that enables them to secure acceptance at certain colleges.

The SAT II tests do partially affect a student’s acceptance or rejection from schools, however, their effects only play a small part or no part in the entire application narrative. Other aspects of a student’s application deserve more or equal attention to ensure that universities are getting the best representation of the student.

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