Jolie Barnhart

Senior Jolie Barnhart shares her love of photography

Rae Zimmerli, Editor-in-Chief

Behind every great picture is a great photographer. Senior Jolie Barnhart is Photo Editor of the BV West yearbook and though students have seen prints of her her photos all around school, many of them do not know the girl behind them. Barnhart’s love for photography started long before high school.

“I just decided one day when I was in fifth grade that I was really interested in cameras and photography,” Barnhart said. “Once I just started taking pictures of theatre for yearbook, I realized that this is something I actually wanted to do.”

Photography holds a very special place in Barnhart’s heart because of the connections she can build with other people through it.

“I was at the Kansas State Thespian Festival and I was carrying around my camera and someone stopped me and was like, ‘Can you take a picture of me,’ just randomly in the hallway. I got to know him and we had a good conversation.” Barnhart said.

While photography is a great conversation starter for Barnhart, what she loves even more is the way her pictures make other people feel.

“It makes people smile when you take a good picture of them. They’re like ‘Oh my gosh I actually love that photo’ versus them being like ‘I never look good in photos.’” Barnhart said.

Outside of her work for yearbook, Barnhart has expanded her horizons by participating in Blue Valley’s Digital Design and Photography CAPS program.

“I love CAPS, it’s really helped my photography,” Barnhart said. “I knew the basics of the camera but I didn’t know how to dive deep into settings and how to control it myself until I got into the program.”

CAPS has provided Barnhart with numerous opportunities to improve her skills with client projects like Kansas City Fashion Week.

“Fashion Week was super awesome because then I got to post about it on my Instagram and I had the designers and the models reach out to me for the photos which was really cool. They have even re-posted a few of them,” Barnhart said.

Though CAPS acting as her first step into the world of professional photography, she has a fairly good idea of what her future looks like. This fall, she will begin taking classes at KU for her majors in photography and advertising

“My plan is to work with advertising companies to take their pictures and possibly dip into videography a bit and work with shooting commercials and different events,” said Barnhart.

In the meantime, she will continue to keep photography close to her heart.