Sub-Varsity Success

Kaitlin Meinheit talks about her first year experience apart of the basketball program

Brenna Morrison and Julia Tinsman

Freshman Kaitlin Meinheit, is a member of the girls C basketball team. The teams’ fourteen game winning streak gathered attention.

“Our longest winning streak was fourteen games,” Meinheit said.

The girls won fourteen consecutive games, which was the longest games won by the team in many years.

“I tried out for basketball because my friends were doing it, and I regretted not playing in eighth grade,” Meinheit said.

Meinheit played basketball in her earlier years but when into high school basketball with minimal experience. She wanted to try something new and out of her comfort zone.

“I did my homework before it was due, that way I wouldn’t get behind on my schoolwork,” Meinheit said.

Participating in basketball was time consuming. A way that she managed her time was by doing her homework before the due date. This allowed for her to keep up her schoolwork and not fall behind.

“I also play soccer, and it was a lot going on at once,” Meinheit said.

She felt overwhelmed at times, due to the 1.5 to 2 hour practices after school, and some weeks included weekend games. Meinheit also participated in club soccer during the basketball season.

“The coaches were very nice, especially C-teams,” Meinheit said.

The C-Team coach; Paige Lankford, was a new addition to the coaching staff this past season.

A bit of advice that Meinheit has for incoming freshman next year is to tryout for basketball because the coaches are very nice and encouraging. Trying out and making the players vulnerable is a priority for the basketball program.

“My favorite part of the season was meeting and becoming friends with the teammates,” Meinheit said.

Meinheit’s favorite overall experience with basketball was meeting new people, and the bonds formed with them. Many new friendships were made during the season that she is proud to call her basketball friends.

Her experience with basketball was positive, and she recommends upcoming freshman to try out for high school. The work was overwhelming, but she found ways to deal with it. With all the school work, Meinhart found ways to positively let her continue you playing basketball. She also learned how to improve time management which is an important strategy for all of high school.  Trying out for basketball was a way for her to make new friendships and try an activity where she had less experience, yet that influenced her greatly.