How We Holiday

Katherine Boston, Reporter

With COVID, families are trying to find ways to get in touch for the holidays. Whether it’s on Zoom or going on a trip, people are getting pretty creative with getting in contact with their loved ones. Getting in contact has evolved since our generation was born. It started with low-pixel skype calls to now Zoom quality paired with greenscreen backgrounds and filters. Senior Marwah Aql and freshman Madeline Kirby shared their experiences for family gatherings this year.
Marwah Aql is traveling overseas to Qatar to see her dad and extended family. “I love traveling. I do it every year but this year seems like a lot of work especially with COVID and schooling.”, Aql said. She plans on getting tested before traveling, wearing a mask on the plane, and then quarantining for two weeks when arrived. Since school is all online she won’t have too much trouble keeping up with her school work, despite the large time difference. Qatar is nine hours ahead of Kansas which causes her to attend school in the evening. Aql has traveled every year during the holidays since she can remember. She plans on safely going to the beach, shopping, riding ATVs, and so much more.
On the flip side, Madeline Kirby and her family decided that getting together on Zoom would be the safest bet. Kirby said, “We are zooming because my family does a Zoom get together once a month so we decided to do it for the holidays.” Her family did one large Zoom featuring her paternal grandparents, two of her dad’s sisters and brother, and all of her cousins. They just chatted for a few hours to catch up. With more holidays coming up, her family will continue to do the same thing since it is an easy and safe way to be all together. One thing in particular that they plan to do is Zoom in with her grandparents while opening presents.
Whether in Zoom across state lines or in person right by the dinner table, families are making it work to see their loved ones. Close-knit families who all live under the same roof can celebrate together while meeting the safety guidelines put forth by health professionals. Far-flung families from Finland to France are connecting as if they were there in person. Fortunately people have many options to celebrate the upcoming holidays with their families.