Spirit Week Feb. 2015

Juniors enjoyed sweeping the Spirit Week participation contests in their locker bay on Fri., Feb. 6.

Natalie Mullen

Juniors enjoyed sweeping the Spirit Week participation contests in their locker bay on Fri., Feb. 6.

Sydney Hendin, Mackenzie Cunnyngham, Grace Glander, Jessie Jacobson, Kami Pankrantz, Natalie Mullen, Divya Jain, Julia Huebert, Emily Wortman, Photographers

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Juniors, juniors!  Spirit Week 2015 saw the junior class flexing some spirit by having the most participation each day.

Monday the student body took advantage of the Snow Day theme and wore pjs, some even wore “feeties.”  Others wore ski goggles, winter hats and coats, and snow pants.  Many thought it was a great start to the week.

Momentum for dressing up built on Tuesday as more of the student body dressed up in stars and stripes.  The Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam made appearances in the halls and classrooms.

Gone Camping Day on Wednesday really showed the rest of the school that the juniors were a group to contend with.  This popular spirit day had students of all grades in flannels, scouting uniforms and fishing hats.  But it was the juniors that brought hammocks and sleeping bags and props galore, including lanterns, huge marshmallows on sticks, fishing poles and a few (fake) animals.

Netflix Day was a bit hectic with each day dressed as a different binge-worthy program.  The teachers (finally) stepped up by dressing up as characters from The Office and garnered second place in the participation polling.

Class Day saw a great deal of participation.  Many teachers noted that 100% of their 3rd Block classes were dressed up in their class color.  The day ended with the juniors winning the spirit award at the assembly but the general enthusiasm of the week sent students home Friday afternoon with a positive feeling about being a BV West Jaguar.1IMG_8620 IMG_0007 IMG_0018 IMG_0026 IMG_0178 IMG_0184 IMG_0596 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0605 IMG_0608 IMG_0818Emilyw IMG_0990 IMG_1532.JPGJessieJacobsen IMG_1548.JPGJessieJacobsen IMG_1566.JPGJessieJ IMG_8636c IMG_8638 IMG_9063 IMG_9567KP IMG_9573KP IMG_9574KP IMG_9690 IMG_9693 IMG_9701 IMG_9819.JPGGlander IMG_9844.JPGGlander IMG_9863.JPGGlander IMG_9998 n Nat Natalie NatalieM NatM NatMul Natt NCM ncmul nl NM NMull nn