Frofling My Way Through High School

Introducing the Frisbee golf club to BV West.

Frofling My Way Through High School

Maddy Malina, Contributor

The Frisbee golf club is new to BV West. Teacher Keaton Vander Hart is one of the sponsors for the club. Vander Hart got involved early in his life with Frisbee golf.

“My love for Frisbee Golf started when I was a kid” Vander Hart said.

Vander Hart and his family lived on for acres of land, this made it so his dad and him could build their own holes. They would place signs on trees to mark the holes. Playing with his dad when he was a kid was something that stuck with him into his adulthood.

The new club has an impressive 30 members. Member, Junior Connor O’Keefe competed in the Labor Day Competition at Pleasant Ridge middle school hosted by BV West last weekend. Though typically the club plays after school on Tuesdays, there is also usually a doubles competition on Sunday nights. Some members play on their own time and travel to different courses around Overland Park to play.

“The idea was brought to me by Coleman Barnes” O’Keefe said. Barnes is an active “frofler” (Frisbee golfer). He placed third at the Labor Day tournament last weekend.

“It gives me stuff to do in my free time” said O’Keefe. Current “frofler”, Junior Carly Crow proves the sport is for guys and girls. “It is a good stress reliever because you don’t have to think about anything else” Crow said.

The BVW disc golf club goes on throughout the year and is (golf) game to play, rain or shine if you are.