Jeepers, That’s a Lot of Cars!

Parking and limited entrances and exits continue to be issues for students

Lexi Dechant and Hannah Wastler

Driving to school is something most Jaguars look forward to at the beginning of the school year. Others simply hope to survive the parking lot and the drama that it brings.

2:50 p.m. is many Jaguar’s favorite time of the day. The final bell lets students either go home and take a nap or go out and spend time with friends. Unfortunately, surviving the traffic and getting out of the school before any after school activities take place can be difficult.

The beginning of school is so exciting because it is a student’s time to shine and show off their brand new 2016 Jeep Wrangler or luxury car. But are these cars actually theirs? Or are they a parent’s car, that they let students drive to school?

Many people have realized that the parking lot is filled with a minimal selection of cars. Some like to call it a “Jeep Dealership.” Out of 420 cars, there were 50 Jeeps. Even though Jeeps take up a significant portion of the parking lot, a count of vehicles parked at BV West on September 7th proves that there is a variety of cars driven to school. In just the gym parking lot there were an overruling number of Hondas and Toyotas.

Some students have complained that $15 is expensive for a parking pass, yet, perhaps they should think again because Shawnee Mission School District charges $65 for the privilege of parking at school. It is a long process but getting a parking pass is in a student’s best interest. After talking to the police officers at BV West, they noted “a ticket is $25 if you get caught without a parking pass.”

Sophomore year is the year that many get their restricted license making them legal to drive to school. But according to freshman Jacob Eggleston, he drives to school every day with a farmers permit. But shout out to Eggleston for parking in the correct parking lot.

Even though Eggleston parks in the correct parking lot, many other Jaguars obviously haven’t gotten the memo. This year many aspects of the parking lot have changed. One things that has caused the most chaos is underclassmen parking in the senior lot. Since the senior parking lot has changed locations, there is confusion because many underclassmen are still parking in the Senior Parking section.

“I’m not even bothered by others parking in the senior parking lot because I don’t even park there,” senior Joe Scavuzzo said.

Other seniors would beg to differ. Alyssa Davis is bothered to hear that underclassmen are parking in the senior parking lot. In favor of the seniors, the police officers normally give tickets to underclassman who park in the senior parking lot, but since the parking lots have changed this year, they have “been more lenient” but will soon pick back up with their old ways by giving tickets. 

Once 2:50 p.m. strikes and the girls at BV West grab their keys attached to their fluff ball keychains and run for the doors. After running to their car, they have to hurry and choose the perfect song to jam to on the way home. Upon immediately turning out of a parking spot and end up waiting for someone to let them in line, it feels like days. New drivers, you have been warned.