13 Reasons Why Student Discussion

Rachel Zimmerli, Reporter

     On Tuesday, May 2nd, students on BV West congregated in the Little Theatre to discuss the hit show 13 Reasons Why. As the students sat in a circle, they discussed topics such as suicide, rape, the effects of their actions, and how teens and adults were represented in the show. Kim Urenda, a counselor at BV West, led the discussion and pointed out some ideas for the students to note.

     “This is a piece of fiction. I think most of you know that TV does some dramatization, so not everything is factual,” Urenda said. “There is not a Hannah Baker. They took some real things that happen in life and just made a story about it… and I think it’s just a great conversation starter.”

     All of the students that attended the discussion agreed that 13 Reasons Why is important for high schoolers to watch. It shows that bad things can and do happen to everyone, even if these things are not seen by anyone, and if a TV show can get people to consider their actions towards others then so be it.