Weekend at West

Natalie Fiorella, Reporter

Homecoming weekend has passed and while some people are already moving forward through the second quarter, others are still reminiscing on the memories made during spirit week and the weekend that followed.

Assemblies at BV West are full of activities that engage students and get them on their feet, from the Crimson Cats performances to the iconic dance routine of “Single Ladies” at the homecoming assembly. Without a doubt though, the class competitions are always very memorable as well because of how competitive each grade gets. At the assembly on Thursday, the juniors won.

On Friday after having the day off, students gathered to watch the homecoming football game against Gardner Edgerton. Another memorable event took place at the game as well. During halftime, the homecoming queen was crowned: senior Lanie Render. BV West ended up winning the football game 31-26. As soon as the clock hit zero during the fourth quarter the majority of the student section flooded the field, congratulating the football players and cheering with their fellow Jaguars.

The gloomy weather on Saturday night did not stop students from having a great time at the James Bond themed dance. The dance lasted from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and as filled with students, music, and decorations. At the dance, the homecoming king was announced: senior Keaton Goodale.

This year the end of homecoming means the beginning of the second quarter. The school year continues to move forward quickly, leaving homecoming week to fade into the background. Nonetheless, the memories made and important events that occurred during this year’s homecoming week will leave a lasting impact on many.