All About W.E.S.T Club

Club brings students together to help others

Amna Musallet, Contributor

Everyone should feel the same no matter what challenges they face in their everyday lives. That is why a BV West student started a new club in September, 2017. W.E.S.T is a club started by sophomore Meghan Cramer and sponsored by teachers Ms. Dill and Ms. O’Niell.

In addition, the club name W.E.S.T relates to the school but it also has a meaning behind it, standing for Welcome, Encourage, Support, and Trustworthy.

Overall, this club is about supporting the community with the help of special education students.

“These students can feel like they can help out the community while also having something to do and be able to work with one another just to feel normal,” Cramer said.

Other members of W.E.S.T club are proud of the impact they make through the club as well.

“I like how everyone plays an important role in the club,” freshman Leyan Qarini said.

W.E.S.T. provides students with an opportunity to make a difference and develop relationships with special education students.

“This club lets regular students get to know them and work with them [special ed students] and be around them,” Cramer said.

Last semester the group made tie blankets for the dog shelter, created supportive posters and soon they want to begin with care packages. The club is currently working on crocheting mats for the homeless.

“Meetings are during Jag every other week and club members can come to either sessions of Jag whatever works for them,” Cramer said.