Heart for Hope

An organization in order to raise money for kids in Jamaica with no opportunity for an education.

Hannah Behrman, Contributor

“I think it’ll change their lives,” junior Madi Messenger said about the impacts of Heart for Hope.

Heart for Hope is an organization that senior Coleman Barnes made in response to seeing kids in Jamaica have to choose to either go to school or put food on the table. Coleman was inspired to change these kids’s lives in some way. His goal for Heart for Hope was to earn enough money to send four students to school, no matter what it took.

As students participated in the event, the school ended up raising over $11,000. Coleman’s original goal for Heart for Hope started at $5,000 and the school exceeded that, granting education to the kids we raised money for.

“This means that they can give every single kid money for tuition, books, transportation for over 5 years,” Messenger said.

A little help goes a long way. Heart for Hope is important to Barnes and the rest of BV West’s Jaguar Pride Coalition (JPCO). For Messenger, it is important that BV West is aware of these problems happening all around the world and understand why people should participate in this event.

“I think it’s always good to give back to the community, but I think that we are blessed as a school and as a district that we don’t have issues going to school or work every day and that we have meals for us every day, whereas in Jamaica they couldn’t give their kids transportation and they couldn’t accommodate to their meals,” Messenger said.

Mentally, Heart for Hope rocked a lot of minds in the BV West community.

“I think all of us were just so inspired by Coleman and by the fact that we all gave back and wholeheartedly supported him,” Messenger said. “Every single person in JPCO and basically the school had something to do with Heart for Hope and it brought us all together.”

Barnes’s leadership of this event brought great success and gratitude to the rest of the school knowing that  education was provided to these kids for over five years.