Breaking Out Of The Box

BV West promotes a diverse and accepting school community.


April Ma dances with pride at the Diversity Assembly.

In school, students are surrounded by a constant pressure to fit in. From wearing the latest clothing brands to trying out for the right sports and activities, there is a universal desire to form to a specific mold. However, what many adolescents fail to realize is that the teen years are about self-discovery and embracing differences. Allowing a fear of negative stereotypes and labels to dictate one’s life ultimately leads to unhappiness.

Luckily, at BV West, students and staff promote the values of diversity and acceptance. Students recognize the beauty in being surrounded by different types of people.

“[Our school] is very diverse, and it’s because our community contains a complex mix of race, cultures, languages and religious affiliations,” freshman Misty Shaw said.

There are many clubs that students can get involved in that allow them to embrace the variety within BV West’s student body. Some of these clubs include Diversity club, Black Student Union, and Fellowship for Christian Athletes.

“These clubs help celebrate diversity in our community by developing an understanding of other cultures,” said Shaw.

In the spirit of promoting an accepting school community, BV West holds an annual Diversity Assembly. The assembly unites students to learn about different cultures and ideas, and informs the student body on the various clubs that incorporate diversity at BV West.

“It brings people closer together and we can really learn about new cultures and discover things we don’t know about,” freshman Abby Young said.

Stereotypes tell people who they are and what they are expected to be. It is important that BV West students learn to break away from premature judgements and expectations, and learn to acknowledge the diverse cultures that enrich the world.


Lindsi Banker
Different grades come together involved in the January 26 Blue Valley West Diversity assembly to show family and pride in one another.