The Art of Forensics

Forensics class teaches students competitive speech and acting

Lucy Call, Reporter

Forensics class is one of the many unique courses offered at Blue Valley West. Students in any grade are eligible to take the class and learn skills in debate, acting skills and literature.

Students take the skills they’ve learned to tournaments at nearby schools. In most of the competitive speaking and acting events, students will prepare a text to perform ahead of time.

The class provides students with skills that not many other courses offer.

“Forensics teaches communication skills and being able to effectively communicate with people opens up so many doors and unlocks new opportunities,” Freshman Zoe Arp said. “A lot of people tend to overlook forensics but I believe people should learn more about it.”

Not only does Forensics teach communication and presentation skills, it helps students manage their time.

“When I joined the class I was scared of the time it would take to memorize some of the pieces but I got through it,” Freshman Kate Cronin said. “I wasn’t able to procrastinate in Forensics and that taught me to be prepared for anything.”