Students express mixed impressions of hybrid schedule

With high school and middle schools going all virtual through the rest of 2020, students evaluate how they felt about Hybrid learning

BV Schools announces online learning for Nov. 30-Dec. 22.

BV Schools announces online learning for Nov. 30-Dec. 22.

Ashley Stone, Guest Writer

Due to COVID-19, many events had to be cancelled or changed for student safety and to prevent the spreading of the virus. Schools were able to open up again with a Hybrid schedule and system. Last names A-Z students go two days in a row then M-Z the next few so everyone gets a fair half and half in-person and online education. Some students wanted consistency and chose to learn virtually throughout the school year.

Sophomore Miranda Humphreville was one of those full-time virtual students.

“I miss having normal school and doing normal things but also you have to think about all the people who could get really sick and possibly die if we came back to school because of COVID,” Humphreville said.

Sophomore Katie Lowden, also misses having normal school but wishes we’ll be able to go back full-time soon.

“I wish we could go back to normal school because I miss being able to see all my friends at school and some teachers are starting to pile on more homework,” Lowden said.

Sometimes the amount of homework can differ for different grades during Hybrid. Senior Megan Stone, has a different experience from Lowden due to Hybrid and her senior year in general.

“I started out hating Hybrid, but now I like that I’m at home a couple days a week, plus I don’t have many classes that give out a ton of homework,” Stone said.

When asked if she also liked Hybrid classes better, Humphreville went into the topic of how in-person school can be stressful and have unrealistic expectations from students.

“You can get really stressed out and I feel like school will always be stressful even online but to be able to have the freedom while being in the comfort of your own home is very nice to have and it’s a good time to be able to work on yourself so you know how to handle stressful things when you come back to school and to work on your mental health which I think it’s very important to have a good mental health throughout the rest of high school,” Humphreville said.

Many students have enjoyed the Hybrid schedule and the free time while participating in online school. Having time to focus on yourself and then time for schoolwork can help students relieve stress compared to a normal school day.