Seniors frustrated with lack of available parking

Underclassmen parking in designated senior spots creates conflict

Seniors frustrated with lack of available parking

Luke Pelliccia, Guest Writer

Seniors are upset due to underclassmen parking in the senior parking lot. The senior lot lets the seniors get out after school the fastest. Underclassmen take advantage of that special location and park in that lot too. A lot of them don’t seem to realize that a lot of seniors come to school at different times, so even if there are a couple of extra spots in the morning, the seniors need these for when they come in late due to CAPS or shortened schedules.

“I cant even get a parking spot in the senior lot these days,” senior Nate Saporito said.

Saporito reports that when he comes in to school there are no spots left in the senior parking due to underclassmen. When seniors come into school late for a variety for a variety of reasons, they have no spots in the senior section, a lot of people are mad.

Although some younger students don’t know the designated area is a senior lot, a lot do, but either way, something should be done to keep groups of students from being upset with each other.

“All my friends park there so I assumed we could,” sophomore Kenny Woods said.

Woods’ statement does show that some of the younger students don’t know the lot is for seniors which means there are solutions.

“We need to put up signs for these underclassmen,” senior Xander Christo said. “If more of them knew it was just for seniors less would take out spots in the morning. This would be the easiest solution for the school and i’m sure students would help.”

Regardless of what solution is used the school needs to put one into action to accommodate the seniors.