5 Tips to Making the Most of Homecoming


Jonah Park, Editor-In-Chief

With homecoming a short two weeks away, it’s time to start making preparations and plans for the dance, if you have not done so already. Here are five quick tips to making sure you are all set for the big night:

  1. Establish a date early on

Especially for boys, it is important to establish a date as early as possible. If you wait too long, the chances are everyone will already have a date. Good coordination and communication with your date is very important also.

  1. Coordinate outfits

Make sure you are matching with your date, and in most cases, with the rest of your group as well. No one wants to be the one person who wears navy when everyone else is wearing black. Don’t be that person.

  1. Have a plan

Please, make a plan for the big night weeks before. Dinner reservations should be made at least a week or two before, especially for groups of ten or more people. A day’s difference could be the difference between having a reservation at a restaurant and getting drive-thru at McDonald’s.

  1. Coordinate carpools

Especially for freshmen and sophomores who cannot drive, it is important to have a ride to the many destinations during homecoming night. Typically, homecoming consists of pictures, dinner, the dance, and the afterparty. Make sure carpools are established and organized so you aren’t left stranded.

  1. Show school spirit

In order to make the most out of homecoming, participate in Spirit Week, go to the football game on Friday night and have fun. Show your Jaguar pride!