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Is It Too Early For Christmas Music?

Jonah Park, Contributor

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Every year, it seems like Christmas music is played earlier and earlier. Radio stations even proceeded to begin playing 24/7 Christmas music on November 1st. Sure, Christmas music is enjoyable and brings the holiday spirit, but how early is too early?

It’s a reasonable argument to put Christmas lights up before the wrath of winter makes exterior decorating a painstaking process. Playing Christmas music pre-Thanksgiving receives mixed feelings, however.

“Christmas music is nice, but should be saved for Christmastime because it is something really special,” junior Stephen Kinder said. “ It should be saved for the right time.”

Stephen is an example of someone who enjoys Christmas music, but it can only be most enjoyed during the month of December. By the time December 25th actually rolls around, holiday music seems stale and overplayed.

On the other hand, there are people who listen to Christmas music year-round no matter what the weather is. Junior Taylor Acheson claims there’s never a bad time to get into the holiday spirit.

“I listen to it whenever I am in the mood to,” Acheson said. “So probably about once a week throughout the year and then through the whole month of December. I don’t think that Christmas music is played too early because if you don’t want to listen to it, you can change the radio.”

Whether you think Christmas music is played too early or not, remember maintain a holiday spirit as Thanksgiving approaches this week, and Christmas soon after.

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