November: The Boring Month of Fall?

Chelsea Park, Editor-In-Chief

Sandwiched right in between the months of October and December is November. The spooky season of October is exciting for many, while others can not wait to get in the Christmas spirit in December. October and December are both fall months that receive the much excitement and attention. On the other hand, November is overlooked in comparison to these months and is even considered “boring” to some.

The excitement of dressing up in costumes, eating candy, and visiting haunted houses is understandable to why October is fun. Likewise, seeing the snow fall, getting off from school for two weeks, celebrating winter holidays and giving and receiving gifts are all great reasons to get excited in December. However, November should not be excluded from the list of exciting fall months for numerous reasons.

First of all, Thanksgiving is in November. Some may see Thanksgiving as “boring” when compared to Halloween and Christmas, but it is the time of the year for the three F’s to come into full play: family, friends and food. Also, there is always an abundance of pie to look forward to. After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday. Those who love shopping find Black Friday the perfect excuse to spend lots of money on sale prices.

Minus the holidays, November still has a lot to offer. November is the month with the perfect fall weather for boots, leggings, sweaters, vests and scarfs. Also, it is the time of the year when elections come around. While stressful to some, it determines who will hold a position of power which impacts everyone’s lives. In November, especially around Thanksgiving, many families put up their Christmas decorations, lights, and trees. Essentially, November provides for a colorful and festive Christmas. Finally, daylight savings ends in November. An extra hour of sleep does wonders to affect how a person feels throughout the day, so falling back an hour for daylight savings is always appreciated.

Regardless of what month is your favorite fall month, November is not just a “boring” month placed between October and December. There are several things to be excited for in November, so enjoy it while it lasts.