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Valentines Day: Single or Taken

Mel Koenrer, Reporter

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A dreaded day of the year for those without a significant other has arrived in an untimely manner, per usual, as a reminder that again on the day celebrating love, the solitaire have lack thereof. Movies have been made, books have been read and music has dedicated itself to this one holiday that singles out the people who have all year to celebrate their love. But, this year, on this day, being single should not have the negative stigma it does while celebrating this holiday. It is time to show that either option is an okay alternative for this day.

The majority of singles on this day resort to indulging themselves in their loneliness to celebrate the unconditional love they have for chocolate and sappy movies. Construed to some as sad, but this alternative to otherwise spending way too much money on a dinner and outfit with someone you see every day, is not such a bad idea. A decision of your own with no one else’s opinion to alter what you do, a single person has the power to dictate the road they want to take this Valentine’s Day. The drama and stress of going out and finding places to eat and making sure the decision satisfies both parties is added unnecessary stress to the date that any other day has zero significance to any other person. Every other day can have commitment to the person’s significant other but this Valentine’s Day for all of the singles is a day to reflect on yourself and what better way to treat yourself than a day of love? As said so many times, loving yourself is just as important as loving someone else.

Being taken on Valentine’s Day is not a burden or a con either; the day to celebrate and post cute pictures all over Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat is a good way to show off the happiness that is presented to you every day, and an excellent way to recognize the person that brings you love all days of the year. Rightfully so, the taken on this day have a right to get dressed up for their significant other and go out to eat at an expensive restaurant with reasoning behind the actions. Receiving presents just for having a boyfriend or girlfriend is not a shabby concept, especially when the other person makes it easy to be around them. Being recognized for inevitable acts of love and kindness is reassuring for the ones in love. Surrounding yourself with those who appreciate you can be a rewarding concept, especially when in previous years this holiday could have been spent alone.

Regardless of the status of relationships in your life, this Valentine’s Day should be spent focused on the cherished relationships you have in your life. Single or not, this day can reflect on yourself love or the love you have for another person you have in your life. Dwelling on being single, or complaining about the expense that come with a relationship will not change the outcome. Appreciate the love you love in your life. Do not just dedicate one day to eat chocolate, too.

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