Students today have procrastinated more than ever and there is a reason.

Will Haas, Contributor

In today’s world, procrastination is a big problem in schools. Students have procrastinated more than ever, and that needs to be stopped. Some high school students have some answers from their point of view, but Lisa Haas, 52, who went to high school decades ago has her personal answer.

“My mother was very strict with school work so I always had to get it done before anything else,” Haas said.

Many parents were much more strict back then and so school was a higher priority compared to now.

“I get lazy and I have other stuff to do that I’d much rather do like Fortnite and baseball,” sophomore Logan Baer said.

Kids nowadays are much lazier because this generation is much more gifted with things such as sports and games.

“Technology, because kids these days are too busy playing Xbox with friends all night instead of school work, also students that play sports are busy a lot during the week,” Haas said.

Parents’s perspectives are generally that the younger generation is lazy. According to Henry, teachers need to be more strict with getting their students to do the work they assign.

“I don’t want to admit it but teachers need to be more strict or parents need to be more involved with kids’s work and take away the things that stop them from doing homework,” sophomore Bryce Henry said.

Technology has also evolved to the point where it is a big distraction for people and it effects school and takes up time.

“Well, sports played a problem with some kids when I was in high school, but at night when most of the students should be doing homework there weren’t video games as fun as this generation claims to have,” Haas said.

Procrastination is a big problem these days and it needs to be stopped before it becomes a bad habit for the younger kids. Kids are becoming lazier with new technology enabling them to think they can blow off school.