Thoughts on Two Late Arrivals

The unique schedule has supporters and detractors

Anna Dawald, Contributor

Time to get up. It is the alarm clock ringing at 7:30 a.m., on late arrival Tuesday, and again on Thursday. How do students and teachers feel about the new schedule? Is it helping their sleep? The issue of the two late arrivals has been discussed among students at length.

“I look forward to late arrival days because I get caught up on sleep,” freshman Ella Cook said.

Most students appear to like the two late arrivals, and feel more caught up on sleep than first semester.

But some people have different opinions.

“I feel that my students get more done on late arrival days, but they also seem more tired,” English teacher Catie Madderom said. “Especially during second block.” 

Some students use the late arrivals as an excuse to stay up later than usual, leaving them extra tired for their second block the next morning.

“I don’t feel like I get enough sleep, due to homework,” Cook said. “Thinking about how much sleep I need but don’t get stresses me out.”

Yet, even with the added late arrival most students do not feel as they get enough sleep. But, does lack of sleep affect assignments or overall grades?

“I do not think my students get enough sleep,” Madderom said. “I can tell based off assignments or when they fall asleep in class. I think they should get 8-9 hours of sleep.”

The quality of students’s work depends on how many hours they sleep.

“I would prefer a 9 a.m.start time and 4 p.m.release time,” freshman Kayla Beal said.