Locked Out

Kyler Murphy, Reporter

It’s here again, the bathrooms are locked during jag. This was decided upon by the administrative team here at the school.

“What we started to see were some issues regarding vaping going on in our restrooms” Assistant Principal Bryan Brutto said.

While I do think that vaping in the school bathrooms is a problem, there has to be another way. The administrative team views this subject differently than most kids do, because they can’t see it the same way as the students.

“The last thing we want are students that are just going to the restrooms just to use the restrooms, and unfortunately they are going in and being made to feel uncomfortable because students are doing something illegal or against school rules” Brutto said.

As a student here who has never vaped, I think that is just stupid. I dislike students vaping in the bathrooms but i don’t feel uncomfortable I just want to do my business and go. I just want to be able to go to the restroom that is closest to where I sit during jag.

My biggest issue with all of this is that sometimes even after jag is over the bathrooms are locked and I am having to climb stairs just to sometimes find the other restroom that I just went to was locked which sucks because then I get to go up and down even more stairs. I think that I shouldn’t have to go out on a journey to find the closest unlocked bathroom. There are three restrooms that are consistently unlocked.

“What we have unlocked is the restroom that is near the counseling suite, 315. Then the other ones are the ones that are located near the commons, and the ones located near the performing arts center.” Brutto said

While these restrooms are very spread out so everyone can get to them, and I’ll admit it’s as nice as having only three bathrooms unlocked can be. Which really isn’t that nice. It is important to talk about how they also are trying to minimize and the amount of kids vaping in the bathroom, but there are better ways to do it.

“We wanted to be able to monitor restrooms a little more closely while we fully believe that students are entitled to privacy we also think that proximity is something that deters the use of vapes in the restroom” Brutto Said.

There are many new devices on the market today that would work a lot better than vaping in the bathroom there are vape detecting devices in the market that can sense if someone is vaping and send an instant alert to smart devices that would allow nearby teachers or principals to deal with it as it sends exact time and place to the app or by text as soon as it detects the incident.

With all of that said there are so many reasons there are better solutions to the problem than what was done, and that there is no need to fix a phantom problem.