Snapchat: A Joy and A Burden

The struggle between safety and communication upsets the balance of parents and their children

Meghan Hartnett

Snapchat is a messaging app where you can communicate with friends through pictures and text. People of all ages, but mainly teenagers, use Snapchat as their primary source of communication. The app is an easy way to stay up-to-date with what their friends are up to and be able to communicate easily. However, overusing the app or using it inappropriately creates negative impacts. The question is, when does it become too much?
Parents whose children use the app have the most concern about what their children are using it for. One reason parents are concerned about Snapchat is because some like to monitor what their children do on their phone, however, the app’s pictures last between 1-10 seconds. What is said or sent will disappear. Parents are also concerned because Snapchat can take over. According to students at West on average they are on Snapchat for at least one-two hours a day. Parents feel this is outrageous and it is too distracting to students.

Snapchat’s users have expanded to the 150 million. The majority of students say the thing they like most about snapchat is how it’s the easiest way to communicate and keep up with their friends. Along with communicating, Snapchat has come up with more ways the app can be used. The most significant being that those 18 and older are able to register to vote. Other ways to use the app include polls, stories, stickers and subscriptions to online magazines. Snapchat is an easy way of communicating and getting information while continuing to evolve.

People need to know their limit. If people were to set an amount of time, fair to parents and teenagers, to the point where it is no longer a distraction but can still be a way of communication would make an agreement between all. Each individual has different opinions on the app, and finding an agreement with their thoughts versus other’s thoughts would solve the problem of distraction so people can still use the app they love.