Take Your Hat Off

Students and teachers discuss the issue on why students aren’t allowed to wear hats during school

Jewel Slemmons, Reporter

Take off your hat, school is in session.

You’re distracting. You’re being disrespectful to soldiers. Take. your hat. OFF.

These are common phrases used by teachers and administrators at schools around the country towards students wearing hats at school. The majority of school administrators believe that kids should not be able to wear hats in school for a multitude of reasons, one being disrespect.

According to interviewees in the Washington Post, they believe that it is respectful to remove hats when entering a building.

“I am not wearing the cap so I can have a private communion with a baseball team, I am wearing it so that some girl will think I’m cool, or some boy will think I’m a great baseball player,” Senior Robert Ruppa said, “It has nothing to do with what happens in the classroom– so it’s the enemy of what happens in the classroom.”

Why is it that people think teens wear hats to impress others with what they are wearing? Hats are not only comfy, but can also be a form of self-expression and they can especially save time in your morning routine when you don’t feel like doing your hair. Saying that hats are disrespectful and distracting is an understatement when it comes to the distraction that girls’ clothing can bring.

Expression and confidence are needed by students, and hats in most cases, can allow them to fully express themselves with confidence. On the news platform “Patch”, Tyler Howser a Patch reporter asked,

“What if someone got a bad haircut or had a bad hair day? That could easily turn into bullying issues about their hair,” Howser Said.

While many people believe students should be allowed to wear hats to school whether it’s because of a confidence reason, or a bad hair day, others believe it can be a safety issue.  

Teacher Mr. Macdonnell, shared his opinion on the issue.

“I don’t think that the hat is necessarily an expression issue,” Mcdonnell said, “I think it’s a safety issue and that’s why administration’s made a stance on that.”

Although students should be allowed to express themselves and reveal their individuality if they want to, we do need to have limits.

“I think it’s kind of a conflicting idea because I feel like you should be able to express your opinion but at the same time…you’re also here to learn and you don’t want to feel bad when you come to school because someone may feel targeted,” Freshman Ashlyn Burt Said.

Why can’t we wear innocent caps backwards, or beanies that don’t hide your face?

The answer is tradition and it is a tradition that should be retired.