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Orchestra Concert (3/23)

Caroline Epp stands up during Orchestra concert to be congratulated for her accomplishments. (Avery Dawson)
Sophomore Ivanka Joshi stands for the applause after performing. (Lexi Reeder)
Junior Leena Iyengar performs in the orchestra concert playing her violin. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Mayank Shrestha plays the cello with the highest level orchestra. (Lexi Reeder)

Junior Christopher Uenishi plays his cello during warm ups. (Lexi Reeder)
Lexi Reeder
Ella Farnsworth preforms at concert and stays focused. (Avery Dawson)
Blue Valley West student preforms with her fellow classmates. (Avery Dawson)
Blue valley west student preforms and stays concentrated. (Avery Dawson)
The Blue Valley West Orchestra preforms their final piece. (Avery Dawson)
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