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The wrestling team prepares for the upcoming season

Bianca Garcia, Reporter

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Eat, sleep, wrestle. As winter approaches, so does wrestling. But this sport is unlike any other, involving intricate techniques such as takedowns, pins and joint locks. Wrestlers do not necessarily have to be the strongest to win, but instead they have to be quick and smart strategists to win.

To make BV West’s wrestling team the best that it can be, wrestlers need to dedicate a great deal of time to training and practices in order to be ready for meets.

“Wrestling is very demanding, and it takes a lot of mental toughness just to come to practice every day and work as hard as we work and get beat up and keep coming back,” head coach Randy Lowe said. “It really is good for you and makes you better.”

Every day after school, wrestlers go to practice and train. Older wrestlers lift in the weight room and also run and condition, and then after that, they do thirty minutes of drilling technique, thirty minutes of learning new moves  and then thirty minutes of live wrestling.

One problem that the wrestling team will face this year is the fact that there are not enough wrestlers to fill in all fourteen weight classes based on weight at weigh-ins. This can affect the wrestling team’s success.

“Having some more guys would help but we can’t do anything about that, just continue to work hard and hopefully they get better,” Lowe said.

Senior Keegan Elliott started wrestling in third grade after he got tired of baseball. He made the varsity team his freshman year and has been wrestling on varsity ever since. In addition to being on the varsity team, Elliott is expected to be a role model for others.

“Being a leader on the team is a lot of pressure,” Elliott said. “Lowe always holds us accountable for everything. But after all, we are one big sweaty family.”

One goal of Elliott’s this year is to place at the state competition and to beat his pin record of twenty-four pins. He also wants to focus on making sure that he stays in the appropriate weight class.

“I run with three or more pairs of sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, and tuck in my sweats into my socks,” Elliott said. “We work out a lot during practice, so I drink 8 ounces of water and limit myself to 700 to 1,000 calories a day.”

Junior Tate Marcom, currently on the junior varsity team, plans to compete in some varsity meets and to also letter. He also sometimes struggles to keep weight.

“I cut out all sugars, not too many carbs and eat lots of protein,” Marcom said.

While many focus on the dietary habits of the wrestlers, a key point to being successful in wrestling is to have communication, fun and traditions with teammates.

“We bond in a very weird way and struggle together as a family,” Marcom said. “One thing that we do is run up and down the stairs that feels like an oven while singing songs.”

One of the most important meets of the year takes place in Nebraska in December. This puts pressure on wrestlers since it is so early in the season but after it is over, they get to do fun activities.

“After Nebraska, we make Walmart and Pizza Ranch runs,” Elliott said. “We get to eat as much food as we want, and we only have five to ten minutes to do it. We all run around the store like crazy people.”

Something new this year that the wrestlers made is a pin chain. Whenever someone wins by a pin, then that person gets to wear it. A pin is holding an opponent’s shoulders or shoulder blades on the wrestling mat for a certain period of time.

Since wrestling is a single person sport it is hard to have rivals, especially since there are so many different people to go against.

“I think of it as everyone is a rival, and I always do my best no matter what,” Marcom said.

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