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Students participate in recreational sports during the winter season

Jacob Braun, Reporter

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As the school year continues to progress, students are looking for ways to unwind and enjoy themselves. With cold weather and busy schedules, finding something to do with friends can be challenging. Many students are able to find a pastime that involves both social life and physical activity: recreational sports.

Each winter season, BV West students and their peers get involved with rec sports such as indoor soccer and basketball. The athletic skills range from team to team, whether they are highly competitive or laid-back. However, winning is not the main aspect of these types of sports. Senior Tait Sasenick plays on the rec basketball team known as The Splash Zone along with other senior guys.

“It’s more about having fun with some friends and making some good memories,” Sasenick said. “Our games are sloppy but low-key and fun.”

Unlike athletics organized through school, rec sports offer some unique features. Teams can be co-ed, the coach often has minimal say, substitutes do not have to be on the original roster and everything is often taken lightheartedly. Likewise, practices are not required, so teams often pass up the opportunity. Freshman Anna Comstock plays on the rec soccer team Mini Chaps.

“Practices are nonexistent, so we just go out there and wing it,” Comstock said. “Most of the people on the team have never played soccer before, so games have been very funny experiences. We don’t always win but we always go out there and try out hardest.”

Another deviation from school-run athletics is the uniforms. While BV West influences what uniforms its athletes wear, each rec team is able to decide for themselves. While some teams create their own special and individual jerseys, other teams go all out with professionally-made, custom uniforms. Senior Anh Nguyen plays rec soccer on Cleats Out for Harambe.

“We all have matching Cleats Out shirts,” Nguyen said. “Senior Katherine Edmunds was the one who designed them using Custom Ink.”

This is Cleats Out’s second year as a team, so many girls who played last year have returned wearing their black custom shirts.

While the fundamentals of the games are left intact, playing time is altered to better fit the rec sport style. With soccer games lasting only about an hour, players are constantly rushing on and off the field to ensure equal playing time.

“We usually have games on Fridays which consist of one to two games,” Comstock said. “Each game lasts about 50 minutes each.”

Each athlete has their own preference between rec sports and official athletic teams. Whether they are competitive in nature or just playing for enjoyment, there is a team and playing style to suit every athlete.

“Compared to high school sports, it is definitely less stressful and more fun,” Nguyen said. “There isn’t any pressure so we can mess around.”

While at this point it may be too late to start or even officially join a team, the same opportunities are offered to students each year. All that is required to create a team is an adult coach and manager.

“I would totally recommend rec basketball or any rec sport,” Sasenick said. “It is a great way to be active and have fun with friends.”

These cold winter months make it difficult to find something to do worthwhile. Recreational sports are a great way for students to spend time with friends meanwhile staying active.

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