Female Athletics

showing off how unstoppable and competitive BVW female athletes truly are


Lindsey DeWitt

Shayna Mishra, Jordyn Anderson and Brooke Leiker walking back to the locker room after defeating the timberwolves

Taylor Stockman spikes the ball over the net to the other team (Lindsey DeWitt)
Grace Bartlett and Morgan Colangelo talk about the game over a snack (Lindsey DeWitt)
Shayna Mishra, Jordyn Anderson and Brooke Leiker walking back to the locker room after defeating the timberwolves (Lindsey DeWitt)
Morgan Colangelo and Jordyn Anderson in the back court waiting for the long ball (Lindsey DeWitt)
#3 Morgan Colangelo preparing for an unsavable serve (Lindsey DeWitt)
BVW Varsity Volleyball huddles up before the game to talk about their plan (Lindsey DeWitt)
Taylor Stockman is on the edge of her seat as she watches her team succeed (Lindsey DeWitt)
Morgan Colangelo helps lead her team to a win (Lindsey DeWitt)
Berit Jones down and ready for the ball to come to her (Lindsey DeWitt)
BVW Varsity starters get in a huddle before the start of the game (Lindsey DeWitt)
Senior Berit Jones rolls up here sleeves as she prepares to serve the ball (Lindsey DeWitt)
BVW Jv cheer putting their pom poms in the air for the lady jags (Lindsey DeWitt)
Makenzie Galliart showing of her impeccable form for her free throw (Lindsey DeWitt)
Kaitlin Meinheit making an inbounds pass to Lindsay Fritz (Lindsey DeWitt)
Freshman Makenzie Galliart stepping up and being a leader for the team (Lindsey DeWitt)
Senior Lauren Sinclair ready for the ball (Lindsey DeWitt)
Sophomore Lindsay Fritz is focused on making her free throw (Lindsey DeWitt)
BVW cheerleaders wait for the next play! (Lindsey DeWitt)
Claire Ducharme sliding her feet to defend the ball (Lindsey DeWitt)
Kayla Houle, Olivia Brokaw and Audrey Kurk ready to cheer on girls basketball (Lindsey DeWitt)
Lindsay Fritz guarding the ball as she dribbles down the court (Lindsey DeWitt)
Ali Gudenkauf dribbling the ball down the court (Lindsey DeWitt)
Lindsay Fritz dribbling the ball and ready to pass it to the next open player (Lindsey DeWitt)
Lauren SInclair defending and ready to steal the ball (Lindsey DeWitt)
Mckenzie Glover waiting for the ball ready for the next play (Lindsey DeWitt)
Junior #42 Kailtin Meinheit smiling and having fun with the team (Lindsey DeWitt)
Meghan Fries ready to defend and steal the ball from her opponent (Lindsey DeWitt)
JV cheerleader Katie Forsen engaged into the game (Lindsey DeWitt)
Sophomore Lindsay Fritz always has a smile on and off the court! (Lindsey DeWitt)
Megan Anderson cheers on the basketball team to their victory! (Lindsey DeWitt)