Girls Golf State Champions Assembly

Student body celebrates 6a State Championship of girls golf


anna davenport

Anna Davenport, Photographer


Julia Misemer, 4-time 6A individual State Champion, excited for the trophy  (anna davenport)
Mrs Bonnema hugging the golf team and congratulating them (anna davenport)
Mrs Bonnema showing the state trophy (anna davenport)
Golf state championship trophy (anna davenport)
Mr Anderson giving a speech about golf state championship (anna davenport)
Mr Anderson showing the crowd the trophy (anna davenport)
Eric Gordon walking to the assembly (anna davenport)
Dahlia Gilmore excited to see the trophy (anna davenport)
Band ready for the Jag Walk (anna davenport)
Cheer ready for the Jag Walk (anna davenport)
Megan Anderson getting ready for the assembly (anna davenport)
Mr Anderson withe the State trophy (Anna Davenport)
Dahlia Gilmore looking at the crowd ready to walk out (anna davenport)
Junior Cheerleader Zoey Flanery hyping up the crowd with the drum leader (Anna Davenport)

Sophomore Cheerleaders getting the crowd ready for the crazy assembly (anna davenport)

Jiggy excited for the first indoor assembly since March of 2020. (anna davenport)
Claire Ducharme proud of her golf team (anna davenport)