October 22 Girls Golf State Champions Assembly

Girls golf team celebrates 6A State Championship and individual record by senior Julia Misemer with student body


Raman Rana

Girls Golf coaches Mr. Anderson and Coach Wilson.

Raman Rana, Photographer

Seniors and the the school mascot Jaguar linking up to sing the alma matter at the end of the assembly. (Raman Rana)
Juniors Anna Davenport, Lillie Large, and Richi Ganta screaming to win the the class competition. (Raman Rana)
Girls Golf State Champions cheering on their principal before her speech.
Girls Golf coaches Mr. Anderson and Coach Wilson. (Raman Rana)
The senior cheerleaders cheering for their underclassmen. (Raman Rana)
Senior boys cheering for to show their spirit for our Girls Golf Team. (Raman Rana)
Dahlia Gilmore, Jenny Kim, Aleah Misemer, MiaRodriguez, and Belle after their entrance. (Raman Rana)
Girls Golf State Champions making their way down to the gym along with the cheerleaders and students behind them. (Raman Rana)
Dahlia Gilmore, Jenny Kim, and Clair Ducharme talking amongst themselves. (Raman Rana)
Bass drums and side drums of the marching band leading the school into the gym for the assembly. (Raman Rana)
Sophmores clapping along with the drum during the beginning of the assembly. (Raman Rana)
Cheerleaders and the band conductors making their entrance towards the gym. (Raman Rana)
Our Freshman cheerleaders cheering at their very first indoor assembly in high school. (Raman Rana)
Cheerleaders leading during the band parade on the third floor. (Raman Rana)
Senior cheerleaders cheering as the seniors settle down in the bleachers. (Raman Rana)